Silent Labyrinth Walk – Good Friday April 19th – following the service

You are invited to walk the Chartres style canvas labyrinth in our Gathering Room. In addition to walking the labyrinth, there will be an area set-up with tools to continue your quiet reflection.

For those who are new to labyrinths, here is a brief description. Labyrinths date back 4,000 years and are found in many traditions including Chartres Cathedral which was laid in the floor about 800 years ago. The labyrinth unlike a maze, has only one path, so there are no tricks and no dead ends to it. Come and explore a labyrinth as a tool for reflection and meditation. It can be seen as a metaphor for life. Walk it with an open mind and heart.All are welcome.  

Walks are sometimes associated with 3 stages. Release, receive and return. 

Release: as you begin your walk into the centre, this is a time to help quiet the mind. Walk at your own natural pace. You can pass people. 

Receive: When you reach the centre, stay as long as you like. Try and be open to receiving whatever you are meant to.

Return/Reflection: When you are ready, begin walking back out the path that led you in. Think about what you want to take back out into the world. 

For more information contact Leslie Wright.