Our August 8th broadcast was a success!  It can be found on the Avondale United Church web page by clicking on our YouTube button.
Our success has come through increasing our internet bandwidth, to accommodate the higher quality picture, and by reducing interference by phones and other devices.
While cell phones, and other devices, may not be “logging on” to our system, they keep trying and this interferes with our ability to send out our higher quality video.  Please continue leaving your cell phones at home.  If you need to bring them, please keep them turned off or, at least, in “airplane mode”.  
Our current video streaming equipment uses a lot more internet bandwidth than our “Listen Live”, and our previous streaming set-up, ever needed.  That is why we have not had this issue in past.
Thank you for your assistance, and patience, as we continue to resolve issues that arise.
David MacLennan
Tech Team Chair