Avondale United Church is an active congregation with a history of ministering to the needs of its people and tending to the ongoing work of the church. To help fulfill its vision and mission the congregation has established two Planned Gift Funds: “Caring for God’s People” Fund and “Caring for God’s House” Fund. Planned giving is simply planning to make a gift. It is generally a significant gift that is funded out of your assets or estate through a bequest. These gifts most often come in the future. Planned gifts can consist of money, shares, life insurance or gift annuities.


Your Planned Gift to this fund will help to finance a pastoral care ministry of caring and compassion that seeks to bring the presence, strength and comfort of God to people in time of change and distress, particularly in the face of illness and death. Your planned gift will help to pay for such expenditures as staff salaries and allowances or, for example, support for grief workshops, caregiver support programs and programs for newly separated/divorced individuals, or other related activities.


Your planned gift to this fund will help to pay for improvements, repairs or maintenance of our church property or on such other projects as the congregation or Church Council may determine.


Your will is an excellent opportunity to provide for those dear to you. Please consider including a planned gift for your church in your will. Your estate can use the charitable tax receipt to create a tax credit.


When you make a gift of shares to the church your capital gain is not taxable yet you receive a charitable tax receipt for the full value of the shares on the day that they are received by the church.


You can transfer an existing policy and receive a charitable tax receipt for its cash value. Alternatively, you can purchase a new policy, enabling you to make a large gift to the church in the future for a relatively small cost now. You receive a charitable tax receipt for the premiums you pay.


A gift annuity not only allows you to leave a gift to the church at your death but also provides you with an income for your lifetime. The rate is higher than the bank rate and the income is mostly tax exempt. You may even set up a joint life annuity for you and your spouse. At the time the gift is made donors will qualify for a one-time charitable receipt.


Each of the two funds has two components: a restricted fund, in which the principal must be preserved and only the income may be spent, and an unrestricted fund, in which the principal and income may be spent. If you choose not to designate a specific fund for your planned gift, the Church Council will make the selection. The two components were established to meet the wishes of those who want the principal of their gift preserved and those who don’t.


  • Your gift will continue to support your church in the future.
  • Your gift will help to provide financial stability for your church.
  • Your gift is testimony to your faith and to your confidence in your church family.
  • Your gift will provide you or your estate with a charitable tax receipt.


All communication between individuals and members of the Planned Giving Team will be held in the strictest of confidence. Please consult your financial advisor because the Team’s role is to provide information, not to give advice.


If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Planned Giving Team, the church office or the Regional United Church Gift Planner. Members of the Planned Giving Team at Avondale are – Chuck Dingman, chairman, Bob Lightfoot, Heather Purdy and Keith Thompson.