Team and Mandate of Congregational Life at Avondale United in Stratford

Congregational Life and Work Team: Joan Oue, Doris Barkley (Co-Chair), Bill and Marion Douglas, Cheryl Jacobs, Gwen Kushko, Debbi Parks, Marg Scott, and Susan Wigan (Co-Chair).

The mandate of our team is to promote a sense of community by recognizing the spiritual needs and developing the social relationships of our church family.

We are currently working on the following projects:

Name Tags We are delighted that we have many new church friends, and in an effort to get better acquainted we are selling magnetic name tags for anyone who wishes to purchase one, for yourself or family member. The cost is $8.75.  There is a sign-up sheet posted at Avondale or you can contact any one of our members.

The Sunshine Group This in reach – initiative is to offer short term help to members of the congregation. For instance if someone recently had surgery or an illness etc. and required some help i.e. picking  up their mail, getting groceries, providing simple meals, snow removal, or light yard work. The Sunshine group could also provide emergency child or senior care.  Our Team will formulate a list of qualified volunteers (from our church family) that we could use to match a service to the need. More details will be available on the website and through sign-up sheets.

The Congregational Life and Work Team is looking forward to developing closer relationships with our newly formed church family.