Avondale’s Church Council Executive

Avondale’s Church Council Executive (Exec) has 6 members: Judy Hart as Chair;  as Vice-Chair; Terri Sparling as Past-Chair; Lauren Francis as Secretary; Eva May Gray as Treasurer; Keith Reynolds as Minister.  The position of Vice Chair is currently available.

The Exec takes on the responsibility of overseeing the activities, the work and the needs of the church and its members, acting as a support and facilitator when needed.  Members of Exec occasionally make decisions on behalf of the congregation, but usually works in conjunction the Church Council Teams to ensure that everything is working at optimal levels.    

 The Chairs and Keith meet regularly to keep each other updated.  The Executive also meets with the Chairs of the Council Teams monthly. 

As we move forward through the year, the executive has chosen to focus on three overall goals: “enhanced communication, wider collaboration, greater engagement”.  We hope that as we strive to achieve these goals, in whatever activity at Avondale, those activities will be meaningful and uplifting for all.