Ministry and Personnel (M&P) is a mandatory committee required by the by-laws of The United Church of Canada.  The M&P Committee oversees relationships within the pastoral charge ministry, particularly the roles and functions of paid leaders and employees.  The M&P Committee is an ongoing, standing committee that is accountable to the Church Council.

Ministry and Personnel has three roles which must be carefully balanced:  a consultative and supportive role, a human relations role, and a conflict management role.  It does not have decision-making authority.  It recommends particular actions to Council concerning staff, including ministry personnel.

The primary responsibilities of the M&P Committee are:

  • to support communication between the congregation, ministry personnel and staff;
  • to review with ministry personnel and staff their salaries, allowances, and benefits, and to make appropriate recommendations to Council prior to the beginning of the regular budgeting process;
  • to clarify the responsibilities and lines of accountability of ministry personnel and staff, and to review with them their position descriptions;
  • to consult with ministry personnel and staff regarding continuing education plans and needs, and make recommendations to Council to ensure that time and money are made available;
  • to conduct an annual review of the effectiveness of all ministry personnel and staff; and
  • to work to resolve conflict at the earliest possible stage.

The members of the Avondale M&P Committee are:

  • Ruth MacLennan, Chair
  • Jocelyn Miller
  • Margaret Delaat
  • Chris Hunking

Members of the congregation, ministry personnel or staff should bring complaints or concerns to the M&P Committee in writing, with specific details that will allow reasonable action.  All issues brought to M&P are handled in a confidential manner.