The primary focus of the Pastoral Care Team is to assist members in long term care, or at home, who have difficulty getting to church.

Our main activity is to provide friendly visits and communicate about the life and work of the church.  We work with the Ministerial staff to regularly review the Special Care List and to provide visits.  In collaboration with the Pastoral Care Minister, we develop a list of congregational members to be visitors.  A highlight of our year is the annual Friendship Tea and Communion for special care members and friends.

We facilitate communication between the church and members and adherents who have difficulty coming to church through regular friendly visiting and weekly bulletin delivery as requested.

Pastoral Care Team Minister:  Reverend Kathi Urbasik Hindley; Chair: Doris Barkley; Committee members: Nancy Burnett, Heidi Dey, Sally Hengeveld, Marg Scott, Elaine Strawbridge and Mary Tolton.