Sunday School is provided for 4 year olds – grade 8 with two classes.  The younger class is for 4 year olds – grade 3 and grade 4 -8 in the older class.

The teachers provide crafts, lesson and sometimes games.   Special take home crafts are provided for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter under the direction of craft co-ordinator Deb Woods and her assistants Maddie and Mikayla Woods.

All children are most warmly welcomed to join our classes provided by dedicated teachers.

March 24  – Regular Sunday School
March 31 –  Regular Sunday School
Teachers   4 year olds – grade 3     Glee Balmer-Scott
                    Grades 4 – 8                    Bill and Marion Douglas

  (clipboards with colouring pages and crayons available)

April 7    –  Library tour with Joyce Speake and Karen Edmonds

April 14  –  Regular Sunday School

April 21  –  Easter craft with Deb, Maddie and Mikayla Woods

April 28 –   Regular Sunday School

Teachers –  4 year olds – grade 3    Hilda Emerson

                    Gradesrade 4 – 8            Bill and Marion Douglas